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Maktab is an interactive and fun way to learn the Quran for the modern Islamic education institutions.

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Whether you are looking to give your students a little extra help, or expand their knowledge of the Quran, a Maktab subscription is the perfect solution.

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Memorise & Understand

Are your students memorising the Quran? Great! Why not teach them to understand what they memorise?

Maktab trains your students to memorise one aya at a time and then learn the meaning of each word in the aya by swiping through a series of flash cards.

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Customised Lessons

Each student is unique. Therefore Maktab allows you to personalise the lessons for each student so that they can learn at their own pace.

Create and assign.

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Teachers can create a common lesson for the whole class or personalise to a particular student.

Memorise and understand.

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Student will then receive their assigned lessons and start memorising while learning the meaning of each word.
Understanding what is memorised helps students retain better and recall easier. It also makes memorisation so much more interesting.
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Assign & Check

No matter how great the technology is, nothing can replace a Quran teacher. That is why we believe that a student should not progress in his memorisation until he or she has recited with his or her teacher.

Once you have assigned a lesson to your student, he or she will need to do tasmi' with you before he or she can move on to the next lesson. That way you know that your students are memorising the Quran correctly.
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Making sure they understand.

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While checking their memorisation, you can also check how they did in the quiz.
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Fun and Competitive

Add a little spice to your Quran class by adding a little competition. Students get to see how their friends perform in memorisation and also quiz. After all, the Quran tells us to , 'Fastabiqul khairat', compete in doing good.

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Works on iOS & Android

At school or at home.

The most powerful tools for learning are the ones students love to use.

The world of education is rapidly changing and the challenge is too keep the students engaged. Maktab uses the tools that students love to use and provide them with beneficial yet engaging content.
Whether your school believe in a device-friendly policy or no-device at school, Maktab is will suit your school's system. See how we can help your students love learning the Quran.

Available on multiple languages

Maktab is available in English, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. More languages are coming soon, insha Allah.
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