Manasik, your personal mutawwif.
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Introducing, Manasik.

Say salam to your personal mutawwif.
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Personal Mutawwif

Your very own personal umrah guide.

Hajj and umrah is one of the most complex and expensive ibadah in Islam. For most people embarking on this journey is a massive endeavour. Manasik reinvents the concept of mutawwif to become an essential companion for people looking to perform umrah and hajj.
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End to end guide
Manasik is an end to end guide for hajj and umrah; from the niyyah at miqat all the way to saie and tahallul. It will remind and guide you based on time and location just like any good mutawwif would.
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Tawaf & Saie counter
During tawaf and saie, Manasik will guide you via audio through the recommended recitations and count the rounds for you so that you can focus on your ibadah.
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Eyes-free guide
Once you launch Manasik, you can interact with the app without having to look at it. You can control the app through the earphone buttons and listen to the audio instructions. Never take your eyes of the Kaabah.
Secrets of Madinah

Fall in love wit the Masjid of the Prophet. All over again.

Join Muadz, our tour guide, on a stunning walk through the 1,400 years of the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad. As you follow Muadz’s path forward in time, you’ll discover the hidden secrets of this blessed mosques, sacred sites that is best for prayers, and important locations since the time of the Messenger and the pious predecessors.
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History of Madinah
Madinah is the most beloved city to Rasulullah. Take a walk with your personal history guide, Muadz, and dicover the history of Madinah. Prepare to fall in love with this city, again.
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Deciphiring the Raudhah
The Raudhah is a piece of paradise on earth. Although the majid has been expanded and rebuilt over the past millenia, the builders have always left clues at all the important and historical spots in the Raudhah.
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Audio tour
Why not take a private tour at the most sacred place on earth? Not VVIP enough? Don’t worry, we will take care of it. Muadz will take you on an audio tour and together you shall discover the secrets of Madinah.

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