How Maktab can help your students.

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Device-friendly Classroom

Maktab works well in a classroom that is device friendly. As teachers you can use the Moallem app to assign lessons to the students. Students can then use the Maktab app to start memorising the assigned lesson and learn the meaning of the ayat.
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Once the student has done the lesson he or she can then go and meet the teacher for tasmi’. When tasmi’ is successful, the teacher can either assign homework to the student or new lesson for the next class.
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Hybrid Classroom Setup

You may also have a hybrid classroom setup where students are only allowed access to devices after completing certain tasks.
Teachers may require students to memorise and tasmi' using a printed Mushaf and only when they are done with their tasmi' will the teacher assign a lesson on Maktab for them to learn the meaning of what they have memorised. This way the device time can be treated as a reward for the students.

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